Why VPS hosting? If you are in the process of setting up a website and need hosting or if you currently use shared hosting services and are looking to scale up your site you may have looked at dedicated servers, and been put off by the price tag. The jump in cost from a shared to a dedicated server is easily x10. If that is more than you are willing to pay then VPS hosting may be the option for you

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS – Virtual Private Severs are the halfway house between shared and dedicated servers. Like shared server you will be using the same server as a few other companies. Although not as many as with a shared server. This keeps the costs down. Unlike a shared server you are not sharing services.

Like with a dedicated server, each of the clients have their own unique operating system, email services, everything. These just run on a virtual instance on the server. Each server will typically host three or four clients. This means that you get significantly better performance than a shared server, without the cost of a dedicated server.


VPS web hosting

VSP webhosting can offer you flexibility for your web presence. Your website will be more stable on a VPS than it would on a shared server, and it will be able to do more without long loading times. If you need to take your site to the next level then a VPS is the way to go.

When you are selecting the VPS hosting service you wish to use it is worth doing your research before you buy. Make sure that you select the host that has all the sevices that you require. You  may wish to look at the offerings with expansion in mind as it can be a pain to revisit all of this a few months down the line when you realise that you need more email accounts that are on offer with the host you selected.

You should also look at the money back period. Most host services will offer money back if you cancel within a given time frame. Some companies will offer you 30 days where as others offer up to 90 days. If you are unsure of the venture or perhaps have short term project in mind then this is worth considering as you can get some of your money back.

The major consideration when selecting a VPS hosting service is the uptime. There is no point having a website if it is not up when your clients are trying to access it. You may as well not even have one. Unless the hosting service has an excellent reputation for uptime, nothing else they can offer you will make it worth choosing them.

cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel is an application that is offered by a large number of hosts that allows you to administer your site through an easy to use point and click interface. It is considered one of the easiest to use and is therefore one of the most popular applications for this task.

cPanel is a great feature if it is offered by the VPS service you are considering. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The application has an extensive built-in help system that will guide you through most common issues and can help prevent you from making potentially damaging mistakes.

If a hosting service offers cPanel it means that you and the other clients on the same server as you will be spending less time dealing with the admin side of things and more time on your website. This save you time and stress, which ais great. What is even better is that since less time is spent playing around with the backend of the sites on the server there is less drag on the server, so you don’t have as many problems with slow service.

When looking at VPS hosting services with cPanel you may want to look out for hosting services that offer a custom version of cPanel as this may have added features. The other thing to consider is whether the site comes with SSL certificates as part of the bundle. This is almost a necessity if your site involves web commerce.

VPS Hosting Review

To help you thin the herd a little. Here are some good picks for cPanel VPS hosting services.

SiteGround – they offer a range of packages that can scale up with you as your grow. Specially designed with wordpress in mind they have an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee. They offer free SSL Certificates as part of their packages and they do have a loyal customer base, which is always a plus. They offer a 30-day money bay period

Hostgator -are a well-known name in the hosting industry. They have been around for a long time so can offer a good level of security and stability with 99.9% uptime. Customer support is strong here and they offer a longer money back period of 45-days. They have experience with a wide range of platforms as well as word press so can support you in a variety of endeavours.

Bluehost – this service is very beginner friendly. They offer a free ‘.com’ domain as part of the package as well as unlimited traffic, so you don’t need to worry about your site dropping when you hit the big time. They also offer very reasonable prices, a 30-day money back period and $150  of offers in SEO services and advertising.

Inmotionhosting – are a fantastic service with a lot to offer. Especially if you are likely to have a lot of content on your site. They provide unlimited disk space along with free data backups. There is an impressive 90-day money back period in place. Their unlimited services offer an excellent platform on which to grow your business without the need to hunt around for a new hosting service. With 15 years of experience this is a hosting service that you can trust.